Aydin Mehmet

Turkish & English tutor
Web and Graphic designer

I am a Turkish and English tutor, web developer & graphic designer in Nagasaki and surroundings including Fukuoka, Saga.

I am from Turkey. I studied Leather Technology in faculty of agriculture at Aegean University (Izmir / Turkey). I worked in the leather industry and I ran my small leather business until year 2000.

I went to Canada to study English (ESL) in 2001. After studying English, I got into the University of Winnipeg. I completed my 4-year computer science degree and graduated from the University of Winnipeg. I worked for Integrated Engineering Software Inc. for 5 years.

After 12 years of life in Canada, I moved to Japan. I really like living in Japan; Kyushu has a nice climate (when compared with cold Canadian winter). Moreover, I love sushi & sashimi and tempura.

I study Japanese. I try hard to remember Kanji, but it is difficult. When I have time, I enjoy driving, watching movies, going for a walk, making natural soap and more.

Currently, I teach English to Japanese students and adults through private tutoring and group lessons. I also design and develop websites, homepages and graphic art for companies and individuals.


  • Teaching English
  • Web design & development
  • Graphic design
  • Soap Making


  • BSc in Applied Computer Science, 2005

    University of Winnipeg, Canada

  • Eng. in Agricultural Engineering, 1991

    Aegean University, Turkey