Learn English the way you like.

English is fun, Let’s study together.

Would you like to learn English?

This may be the opportunity you were looking for. 

Surely, you will be able to speak English with confidence.   The courses will be adjusted to suit your level, scheduled according to your time.

  • Private lessons,

  • Travel English,

  • Business English,

  • Conversational English,

  • Test preparation:

    • Eiken, TOEFL, TOEIC, ect

Each lesson 50 minutes

Private lesson 1500 yen ~

Group lessons (3 people or more) 1000 yen

Everyone is welcomed; from infants to seniors!

Please come and join the classes.

P.S. The image is taken from Unsplash.

Aydin Mehmet
Turkish & English tutor
Web and Graphic designer

My interests include teaching English, web development & graphic design and saop making.